How to Make Payment via Amazon Gift Card at

Option 1: Quick and Easy Online Purchase

Login to and acquire an Amazon gift card. This swift and straightforward method is favored by many of our customers due to its efficiency. Once you have the gift card, email the claim code to Your shipping process will commence promptly upon confirmation of your payment.

Option 2: Physical Gift Card Purchase from Listed Stores

Visit any store that sells Amazon Gift Cards, ensuring it’s a physical card and not an eVoucher. Some recommended stores include BP, Clinton Cards, Co-op, Martin McColls (MRG), Morrisons, Shell, Spar, and Superdrug. Purchase a Physical Amazon Gift Card for the amount of your order. Upon obtaining the card, scratch off the silver part to reveal the 14 or 15-character claim code, which may include both letters and numbers (e.g., AS25-NJZ1JX-CZCP5). Capture an image of both the card and the receipt and send it to We’ll proceed with your shipment once the payment is confirmed.