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Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 25%

Buy Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain online UK. This is a popular and quite potent indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 25:75. That makes for a nice, mellow body buzz great for late nights and lazy days. The effects are relaxing and sleepy, but also creative and happy, with a strong case of the munchies. THC levels are said to be very high, above 20% in some samples, and that potency makes Purple Afghani an ideal choice for treating stress, chronic pain, nausea, migraines and other headaches, glaucoma and eye pressure, and anxiety. It isn’t recommended for conditions such as epilepsy that may require treatment with CBD concentrates, since that chemical is scarce in this strain. Purple Afghani, an inbred descendant of an original Afghani landrace, produces an earthy aroma with notes of sage, wood, and blue cheese, while the flavor is earthy and floral with a hint of sage. The buds are heavy and thick with a layer of crystals. Dry eyes, dry mouth, and anxiety are the most widely reported adverse effects, but headaches and limited paranoia are also possible. Purple Afghani may occasionally appear on the black market, but it’s mostly found in legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and on the West Coast. Buy Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain online UK Reputable online dispensaries offer a wide range of cannabis products, from flowers to concentrates and edibles, making it easy to find the right option for your preferences. Ensure you follow local laws and regulations and buy from trusted sources to enjoy this exceptional strain responsibly and legally.

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